Yes it’s real!

Yes it’s real!

I still needed to know a little more about LimeLife by Alcone as I was a little skeptical about joining. I truly had no idea on anything but the fact that I loved the line. So, as I researched  I came across a Lead Platinum Director, Jenie Evans. I reached out to get to know a little bit about the company and what it meant to “join.” I was terrified since I left that world. But, I really enjoyed getting to know Jenie and more about the company. She was not spammy or robotic. She was real, passionate, and I connected with her. Limelife by Alcone leads with their hearts not a balance sheet. And that is why I deeply connected with them because they stood for something more than a sales sheet. I told her that I use RCMA foundation in my professional kit and how my clients and myself are in love with it. Jenies response was “Yesss Melissa RCMA is Botanical foundation from Limelife by Alcone!”  I nearly fell off my hospital bed because yes that’s where I was researching from at that time. God is always working on you . I was still unsure because I was jaded.  But this was something different. This company is humble, genuine, supportive, encouraging, and appreciative.

They celebrate confident women. Their main goal is SELF LOVE. They care about YOU first! I hate bringing up the past but I can’t help but to reflect off of it. My self worth was so low, companies did not care, and I worked so so so hard.

So, Could this be real??? I was pinching myself… looking for something wrong.  Could this be true?? I can have my own business with products I’ve loved for years and have my name behind a professional company that simply fills my heart with so much happiness with their mission.  I finally took the leap and it has been the absolute best decision of  my life. I have grown and learned so much within myself and I have grown with the company because YOU CAN! The opportunities are endless! To find my passion back (after chasing my life in circles to  no where but disappointments) has been such a blessing! The opportunity is there for EVERYONE!!! You can read a few stories on the team page of my website 🙂


Well Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little history behind Alcone and my journey to finally saying YES!


p.s  IT IS VERY REAL! <3


and Thank You Jenie Evans, Love you big !









Yes it’s real!

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