Could this be real?

Could this be real?

I have been able to finally guide my clients on how to beautify themselves without the need for complicated emails of me sending numerous makeup links, or having to send them out on a chase to find certain products through the mall.

Those of you who know me know I lead with my heart and I’m very honest. I have never been a fan of network marketing, direct sales, or retail. It just wasn’t for me. I’ve left the cosmetic retail world because I felt empty inside having to always make a quota and sell sell sell. I have turned away many brands who sent me makeup samples and made promises of “self-benefit”.  I did not feel a connection with any of the brands. So even if it would have benefited me ,  I would NEVER use anything on my clients whose quality I didn’t approve of. What I use on my clients is a direct reflection of me, and my clients trust means the world. So I never signed up for any of these companies.

I was soon doing research on how to create my own products/personal line, so I could have products for my clients that I believed in and that came from ME not a big cosmetic corporate business. However, this just became too difficult, especially the cosmetic market being as over saturated as it is.

I wanted to find a solution for clients wanting to purchase what I use. Although, I’ve always had a mix of products in my kit from being in the industry for so long, however I was always asked questions on my Alcone products, because it truly is PROFESSIONAL QUALITY and Alcone was a favorite of mine long before I knew their history. I first heard about their products from a celebrity artist friend, and I’ve witnessed artists using it backstage at fashion week in NYC. Once I tried it the, rest was history!

The way Limelife by Alcone came about is pretty amazing. The Alcone Company opened in 1952 as a pharmacy that also sold makeup to Broadway performers and was used on celebrities. It’s been an institution for NYC Makeup Artists ever since. Makeup artists were constantly referring their clients to the Alcone store. Alcone then wanted to find a way to compensate them for it. So, what they did was take their top-selling products and have those pro brands manufacture them for Alcone. They are then branded as Limelife. The formulas are the exact same. This was to give makeup artists and ALL makeup enthusiasts an  opportunity to own their very own business with Limelife by Alcone. Our CEOs Michele and Madison had a vision to help ALL women from all career paths with the opportunity of freedom to work their own business.

From runway to the everyday woman! Everyone can get their hands on PRO makeup and natural skincare

Here is the breakdown of what is what for my makeup artist friends or makeup-obsessed:

Limelife by Alcone Botanical Foundation = RCMA Foundation

Limelife by Alcone Waterproof Complete Concealer = Kryolan Dermacolor

Limelife by Alcone Perfect Eyeshadow = Original Il Makiage. LimeLife wanted Il Makiages original formula, & that’s exactly what they did, only removing the parabens!

Limelife by Alcone  Setting Spray = Skindinavia (Award Winning #1 Makeup Setting Sprays) Ingredients are identical to Urban Decay All Nighter Spray as Skindinavia makes Urban Decay’s setting sprays for them.


Limelife has provided me with an incredible opportunity…but could this be real?


Own your own business with professional makeup and natural skincare




Could this be real?

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