15 Years ago I did my first wedding. I didn’t have an assistant so I brought my mother as one (thank you mom)..I dressed her in black and she was good to go! She was a huge help as always!  It’s a nice memory 🙂 . I knew from that moment on, my heart and  […]

I joined Limelife by Alcone with no intention to grow in any way. I knew I didn’t have to commit to anything. It was my own business and I was happy that I could share these products with everyone. I planned on staying in my little bubble I created for myself- comfort. And not the […]

Surround yourself with those who lift you up

I still needed to know a little more about LimeLife by Alcone as I was a little skeptical about joining. I truly had no idea on anything but the fact that I loved the line. So, as I researched  I came across a Lead Platinum Director, Jenie Evans. I reached out to get to know […]

I have been able to finally guide my clients on how to beautify themselves without the need for complicated emails of me sending numerous makeup links, or having to send them out on a chase to find certain products through the mall. Those of you who know me know I lead with my heart and […]

Could this be real?


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