Limelife by Alcone is  a professional makeup and natural skincare line. This incredible family- owned company was founded in 1952 to provide professional makeup to the stage and film industry. Not only are the products used by celebrities and professional  artists but are also the demands of women worldwide. We are a company that leads with our hearts and have the most uplifting community. We have such a supportive team of women and men from all walks of life. We are here for everyone! You can own your very own makeup business regardless of what your profession is. There is training for everyone! 
"More than just a beauty brand - a lifestyle of  HAPPINESS"

Are you dreaming enough? I believe in big dreams. However, they were once controlled and managed by someone else. I lived my life working and hustling for companies who didn’t even know who I was, yet I was making their business successful and couldn't even pay my own bills. Why would I put off my dreams to build someone else’s? I missed out on holidays, weekends, memories, and more.  I worked over 40 hours a week to stay in the same position, stuck. I lost my self-worth and esteem. I thought that was it for me, I didn't see a future for myself.  This left me with much anxiety and chronic depression. I let myself live like this for more than  10 years.  

Finally, after many years, I left and entered the freelance world. As amazing as that was, I knew there was something more out there.    That’s when I found Limelife by Alcone, a company I can stand behind with 100% of my being. I have finally found a company who stands for what I believe in, empowering women and men to live their best life and be their best self. I also have the pleasure to offer this amazing opportunity to you. It's a place where my passion meets my purpose. 

Now I work on my own time from where ever I’d like. I see my family and build memories. I get to balance work and life the way I always desired. And all of my clients absolutely LOVE their makeup and natural skincare! That’s what matters the most to me, their trust within me! It seems too good to be true but the possibilities are endless!   After meeting our CEO Michele Millardi-Gay and Madison Mallardi, I knew there was something unique and special. Michele and Madison welcomes everyone with open arms (as seen in picture above).  :) They are truly the most inspiring, encouraging, supportive, warm hearted women helping you take the leap to change your life for the better. The rest is up to you! You create your own beautiful life. I found my home and the journey to get here was worth every step. I really hope and pray that I can help others out there trying to find a better way. I want to help you, like I’ve been helped. We have plenty of different career women and men on our team. You do not have to be a makeup artist (you can find their stories below). And as LimeLife always says, “The Joy is in The Journey.” So, don’t be scared to join. You learn as you grow within yourself. There are trainings for everyone and you have an army of women waiting to encourage and support you. 

"Apply confidence- professional makeup for everyone" Limelife by Alcone

"I love the products! I used the lemon mask last night, and it was awesome!”

Lauren, bride

Ashley, client

“Hello how are you Melissa.. I received the lipstick and I love it!”

CYnthia, client

“I just put on my foundation and concealer for the first time and I LOVE IT.. Great coverage and so smooth..I will let everyone know amazing it is. THANKS MELISSA “

Annette, client

“I’ve never liked every single thing I’ve ordered or tried from any brand before, it’s really crazy”

rachel, bride

“Oh my gosh I got all my goodies yesterday.. My face feels like a baby’s bottom.. I loooooovvveeee the cleanser, dew date and sotoks..
and how did I live without this foundationnnnnn it’s the BEST”

Limelife by Alcone was created for everyone. Take the leap, and watch yourself grow!





Hi friends! My name is Jenie Evans. I’m a 30-year-old boy mom who is a teacher by trade. After having my first son, I knew I wanted to stay home with him. I soon realized how tough living on one income could be, and I decided to give direct sales a shot! Fast forward three years, and LimeLife has completely transformed my family’s life! I went from a stay at home oilfield wife, to retiring my husband and becoming the sole breadwinner! The best part, I get to do this while traveling the world with my family. I had zero makeup skills, zero sales experience, and at the time, zero self-confidence. This opportunity has changed my life in more ways than I can count. I’m so thankful I gave it a shot, and then gave it my all!

Why did I sign on to LimeLife by Alcone? Most things in life are stressful, but the one thing I’ve enjoyed for most of my life is cosmetics and makeup application. Makeup is fun. Makeup is creative. Makeup makes women feel good. Limelife by Alcone allows me to meet and talk to women about the products I know and love, while helping them look and feel their best. I’m a mama, wife, and guidance counselor who values helping people and having fun while doing it. 



I joined Limelife by Alcone on September 4, 2018. Never in my life have I had more beautiful, succulent skin. At 53, I have given my skin the gift it has always deserved. I look forward to my skin care regimen each morning and night. My makeup lays on my face like a silky blanket and I am in love with how it looks on me. The sisterhood that I have gained through this opportunity is unmatched. The CEO is always working to bring fresh ideas and strengthen you as a team. I love the culture of this business… I look forward to work every single day!

My name is Amanda Zanotti. I am a full-time underwriter for an insurance company. My interest in makeup began at a young age. It's become my passion to bring out the beauty in others. I got the opportunity to meet Melissa and join her team of makeup artists. I am beyond excited to start this amazing journey sharing with everyone LimeLife products. This line has changed my life as a young woman with sensitive skin. I hope to change the life of others. 


michelle alfano

Hi my name is Stevie! I am a licensed cosmetologist and an aspiring makeup artist. I am currently doing construction full time while I freelance and build my business with this amazing company! When I joined LimeLife I was looking for something to bring back my passion in life. I was working part time in a salon and also part time in construction to make up the income to pay my bills while still trying to fulfill my passion in life. I was really discouraged that I wasn’t building my career with this talent I was blessed with. I kept LimeLife in mind after seeing an update video while I was still in cosmetology school. While I was sulking, I saw yet another video talking about this amazing company! That’s when I decided no more disappointment and no more crying about something I had complete control over! That’s when I sent a simple message that changed my life forever that said “Sign me up!”

Hi! I'm Michelle Alfano, and I am a stay home mom of two from Northern NJ. Before being a mom, I was an elementary school teacher, and I've also worked in the cosmetics industry for 11 years. I joined LimeLife because I still do make up on site for clients, and I want to be able to use products that they can purchase straight from me, instead of doing all the work, and then send them off to a retail counter to purchase products I made them fall in love with. I love that LimeLife comes without pressure, and it is whatever I make of it. 

roberta dimaggio

alisa holcombe

I have always had a passion for makeup. I always loved applying it and applying it on others. I enjoyed making other women feel beautiful. I was nowhere close to being a make-up artist, but I had this passion that just would not go away. After seeing Melissa’s post about LimeLife and the gorgeous make up, and also the skin care products, I was so curious! I then put in my first order, and I absolutely LOVED everything I had ordered! From there I followed my passion and heart, and decided it was time to start this new journey! I knew I could do something I loved, and also help my family doing so. It has completely changed my life for the better. I am so thankful for this company and for the team I have joined.

My name is Alisa Holcombe and I am an Executive Lead Director with Limelife by Alcone. I found Limelife on YouTube of all places! It was at a time in my life I was battling health issues and was told to stop working. That was something I couldn’t bring myself to do, but I knew I had to do something. I have always had very sensitive acne prone skin and was constantly searching for a foundation that wouldn’t irritate my skin. I had tried everything I could get my hands on at Ulta and Sephora and nothing worked. I tried Limelife’s foundation and fell in love. I then began to research the company and I was blown away with what I found! I remember thinking, there is no way this is legit. This has to be too good to be true! A company that is for changing women’s lives more than making a profit?! That doesn’t exist, right?? I researched hard for weeks and my heart was so drawn to the mission I couldn’t shake it. Terrified, I joined. I’ve never looked back since. The company immediately resonated with my heart, my morals, standards and passions. It was a God send from day one. I now lead a team of almost 250 women and I love every minute of it. Limelife is truly like nothing else. The community of supportive, encouraging and uplifting women is so rare and beautiful. This is truly what I was always meant to do.

Kelly Saulters

Hey ladies! My name is Kelly & I’ve been a licensed cosmetologist in the beauty industry for 15 years. I specialize in bridal & event makeup & also travel on location. I’m passionate about all things beauty, bringing out someone’s confidence, & making women feel empowered. When I’m not working a wedding, I’m running my own social media makeup business helping women build self esteem, confidence, bring in additional income & make memories with positive uplifting female friendships. I love everything about the beauty industry, it has brought so much joy to my life.


My name is Nydia Figueroa and I am a professional makeup artist in the NJ/ NYC area. I own my own makeup studio and bridal suite and I also do makeup for celebrities and production work. Melissa introduced me to Limelife By Alcone and it was a perfect fit for me and my business. The pro standard quality of Alcone was something that is super important to me and Limelife is just what I needed. I am now able to add this to my bridal business as well as on my every day clients. She gives me so much support and is continuing to help me grow as a brand and artist. She was the one who believed in me when I first started and I am forever grateful for her guidance on this new journey.  


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